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The things you do should not be because you love your spouse but because you love God and obedient to his words. You want to keep yourself, your body holy for the man you love? No! For the love of your life…GOD!


Now can you imagine JESUS’ wife in stormy water and not have it calmed?

Can you Imagine Jesus’s wife die of cancer? Impossible!

God said those challenges will come…even Jesus faced challenges, storms, temptations…THEY WILL COME, be prepared because even those little things that you can do and handle with ease, you may no longer be able to handle after years of marriage, even from good cause.

For instance, after having four children via caesarean section (All Epidural Anaesthetic), I could no longer stand for too long, not able to walk long distance without a break, no longer sleep on my back without having backache.

DO NOT START WHAT YOU CANNOT FINISH, DO NOT START WHAT YOU CANNOT or MAY NOT BE ABLE TO KEEP DOING FOR EACH OTHER! (The Lord revealed this to me as the recipe for a successful relationship).

Let’s look at examples….

A woman that kneels down to greet her husband undergoes a major surgery and could no longer bend…yet her husband still demands it as a sign of respect.

You pretend to know how to cook during courtship, after marriage, you are exposed and your spouse is unhappy, saying ‘’that was the main reason I married you’’.

In my case, after having our third child through CS, (Yes! IUD failed me twice) I could no longer stand for too long, could not bend for long and so, I could no longer stand to wash a pile of dirty dishes nor bend to wash cloth.

First few months of these changes, My husband will say, Are you the first woman to give birth? And I will reply…have those women had 3CS sections with complications such as mine?

Did they go through Epidural that was severally initiated? Are they also anaemic? Do they have same pre-existing medical condition as mine?

The Bible says it is Foolish to make comparison.

Gradually, after seeing that those plates were not going to wash themselves…My husband began to wash them, he will wash, dry and iron the clothes.

I have heard people say…my husband will not cook, my husband will not wash, my husband will not carry our baby while still tiny…Oh Yes He can and he will if you make him see that he has got to do it…I mean, what the heck? If I can do it, so can he!

Taking those marriage vows meant promising each other to be there to support and complement each other in all situations as and when required so don’t let(or let it be perceived) certain chores fall under the responsibility of one party, remember, Two Become One!

Yours Truly,

Iyabo Mohammed (Wendy)

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At Blissful Marriage with Wendy, our mandate is to bring the Lord’s Judgement to every force and power against bliss in every marriage; and to align couples to God’s design of a Healthy Marriage by helping them take the next steps towards strengthening their relationships

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