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Happy but Worthless Marriage


If you’ve read my articles, remember where….I said to God, ‘’I can hear you say Start Now’’. But how can I start a marriage Blog when I still have unsettled issues in my marriage, we are far from perfect Lord.



Then He said, Isaiah 55:8, ‘’My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, and My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine’’ (NLT).



Well, Let’s Just say am beginning to understand his response better. I thought my husband and I couldn’t be happier in our marriage but I was wrong. During my research, a very good friend of mine, Zoma Foster sent me a copy of Lisa and Francis Chans book, ‘you and me forever, marriage in light of eternity’ and I had the greatest revelation of his words from this book.



Scriptures that I had being struggling with came opening themselves up to me like never before.



Although I get why people say our first ministry is the family, our spouse, our children, I get it, we build a better Society, a better Nation, and better World when we get things right from the home with our children, with us leading by examples and of course this is service to God itself.



However, Our Marriage is Secondary to Gods’ Mission “Seek first the Kingdom of God’’ and out of that pursuit, our marriage, ministry, parenting, careers, etc. will be added  from that focus on Him and not him or her.



Once we get our focus and priority right, with ultimate objective and aim of walking with God in eternity, everything else on earth will seem trivial. There will be No time to cry, No time to fight, No time to focus on silly little worldly things.



After all, God’s Glory is at stake in how you respond in every situation, how you interact with your spouse, how you choose to love your wife, how you choose to respect your husband, how you do your work in your workplace, your interactions with your neighbours.



Whatever you do, do it all for the Glory of God, be it eating, drinking, parenting, your interaction with people, all that you do or say, do it only if it Glorifies God.



OMG! When I had this revealed unto me, the understanding that came from it lifted an heavy weight off my chest and I could feel it. My husband and I spoke about it, We prayed and gave praises to God together for the revelation of his words and this brought us to a new realm in our relationship with each other and with God.



And this was when I realised…. I had thought God wanted me to start this blog just to coach couples through His word and sharing my stories but He is also using the blog to take my marriage on a whole new spiritual ride and I am loving it.



Life is about Jesus. We are not here to tell our own story, but His. We are here to live His story, not ours.



”What is your life? For you a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes. (James 4:14)”



How will you spend your vapour of a life? And how will you spend that one portion of vapour that we call marriage? Will you try to make your life call attention to it? Or will you put every ounce of effort into calling attention to the God who alone is worthy of glory? You have a part to play in His story. Your marriage has a part to play.



But all of it, your life, your marriage, no matter how happy you are, it will be lost in utter insignificance and worthless in the sight of God unless you spend it for His glory.



I have been loved, pursued, and saved by Almighty God. He gave up His life on the cross to bring me to God, and He now fills me with His Holy Spirit. I will one day be swept away by Jesus into a glorious eternity, and that alone is all I seek and look forward to.



I see friends and family build mansions, driving exotic cars, etc. and I am not in the slightest bit envious of them because even though I am certain that God isn’t done with me yet, they are not what I seek. But life and marriage in light of eternity.



I want to challenge us today to ask ourselves, how many disciples of God have we brought to his utter? Have your neighbours heard about the Gospel from you? Are you a display of the Gospel in your way of life? What do you actually do or what have you accomplished to Glorify God.



I pray that in our pursuit of a happy marriage, we will not miss it. Rather, invest in a cause bigger than you and I, His Kingdom. And believe that other things will be added unto you including happiness.



‘’Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need’’ Matthew 6:33 (NLT)



This article is dedicated to Lisa and Francis Chan. Lisa being my Mentor, although she doesn’t know it just yet but she will.



Yours truly,



Blissful Marriage with Wendy



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At Blissful Marriage with Wendy, our mandate is to bring the Lord’s Judgement to every force and power against bliss in every marriage; and to align couples to God’s design of a Healthy Marriage by helping them take the next steps towards strengthening their relationships


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