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Joke About the Truth

Who is your Guy?

TD Jakes     

You have to be a damn Genius to understand him, if you are no Genius, like myself, we need the spirit of patience to stay till end of his sermons so we can put things together and finally, understand his teachings, which are damn good and mostly about not staying down when challenges strike.

Joel Osteen

You need a great motivational speaker or at the hedge of depression or suicide? You want talk on positive vibes only? In fact, if you are a cop and trying to talk down a suicide, take Joel Osteen with you, he is got examples to learn from, on every storm of life.

Jentzen Franklin

Do you really understand spiritual Obedience and personal Holiness? I mean, really understand it? I don’t care what any other preacher says……Sermons on Act of Obedience and personal Holiness? This is your Guy. And does he know how to do Utter call or what? OMG! With his Utter call, even if you already gave your life to Christ, you will do it a thousand times again.

Bishop Oyedepo

Have you being looking for the word of God on faith? Someone that makes having faith in God looks like a piece of cake and let you believe with little faith, you can bring the mountains down.

Makes prosperity seems to be at your finger tip? look no further. This is your Man.

Pastor Joseph Prince

Another pastor for the Genius. A preacher that knows more about the Old testament better than anyone else, including literal meanings embedded in it and yet, His preaching  are more on the blessings of the New Testament, Someone that can give you literal and spiritual comparison of both Testaments? oh! This is definitely your Guy!

Rev. George Adegboye

Do you want to be able to quote scriptures like a literature expert quoting Shakespeare? A pastor that can do Garbage in Garbage out, of the entire Bible? I have not come across any other like him, he is indeed a walking Bible!

Creflo Dollar

OMG! Talk about the Grace of God! I mean have you ever heard the word GRACE broken down into pieces that it’s impossible not to understand it? Someone that makes it seem like nothing u ever do wrong can stop you from achieving your Destiny? Who makes GRACE of God sound like a person? No one but Creflo!

Joyce Meyer

Talk about forgiveness? You want to learn how to forgive yourself and also forgive others? Talking about getting back what you lost in multiple folds and how to get there. She makes you laugh about things you would normally cry about…Tough but relatable. Incredible woman! She is.

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