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Life after Untimely Death – Holy Revelation

I found myself in the midst of ten other travelers in a public car. Looked like a play was being replayed and we had a stopover.

I was sharing food, didn’t look like it was going to be enough but I was able to make it go round and suddenly two of them started shaking like a demonic possession of some sort, we all laughed it off and I told myself, it must be part of the acting.

Then we all got back inside the car to continue our journey, then it started again in the car;  with another set of two people, the shivering, trembling that looked like possession; we all laughed again and I still said to myself, must still be the acting.

Then suddenly……

It became infectious, they were all being possessed one by one and it was no longer funny. Then I began uttering in not so loud voice, JESUS!

Immediately, I took a look at the driver and at this point we were at the top of a very high bridge, he began to tremble too and in a split of a second the car was flying in the air about to go off the bridge and no one was laughing but shouting…..WHOOOOOOOOOO

Now I was telling myself, this cannot be happening to me; I believe in the sacrifice of Christ, I believe the blood of the lamb took away untimely death, the whole time, I had my face covered with my hands and didn’t want to open my eyes.

Then it got a bit quiet but I could hear the sound of secondary school teenagers, they were mocking and bullying someone and then, the courage finally came to take my hands off my face.

As I removed one hand and slowly opened my eyes, I could see those teenagers right in front of me and I told myself. Oh! let it be me that they are mocking and shouting at, but I soon realized they were not looking at me but someone else so slowly turned to my left and there she was, another teenager, probably younger than the bullies but all their attention was on her.

Then I stretched my arm towards the girls in front of me and waved it through them to see if they felt me; but NO!, they did not even stop what they were doing, I waved my other hand at them, still nothing.

I looked down to where our car had fallen and I saw two local police men talking in Yoruba language. One of them said “I heard all the passengers lost their lives in this accident” (then it was done on me, I was no longer alive).

Now all I could think about is my family OMG! They must all be crying and sad…OMG my husband…without a body to bury. He will be waiting for a miracle for the rest of his life…OMG! My kids…did I prepare them for this…are they responsible enough to look after each other…OMG! War between my two families…my siblings and my in laws.

I looked round and all I could see were trees…school children closing and walking home from school…chatting…talking…laughing, somehow cold. No shelter, No familiar face or place to turn to. 

So I began thinking, once I walk round, I’d probably come across people like me that will put me through on how things work here in the underworld…..

Then I woke up. Terrified! 

Do you have any health challenge? Even though what God want for us is to live a happy long life, That free will over our way of life, eating habit, etc. may hinder us from achieving that which God want for us IF WE DO NO TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES.

Seek medical help when needed, make use of natural remedies, Holy Communion (I call it my vaccine) and eat healthy.

Keep reminding God of his promises Isaiah 43:26 KJV

Remember life after untimely death is not so pleasant!!!

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At Blissful Marriage with Wendy, our mandate is to bring the Lord’s Judgement to every force and power against bliss in every marriage; and to align couples to God’s design of a Healthy Marriage by helping them take the next steps towards strengthening their relationships

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