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ONCE I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE – My Salvation Testimony


My Husband and I were born and raised as Muslims.


My husband, Ayo, gave his life to Christ in 2013 when God revealed himself to him in a trance where the Lord took him to heaven. So he had a personal and intimate encounter with Jesus (His testimony is on our HOPE – Heaven of peace evangelical ministry, Facebook page).


when he told me, I was like well, God will have to reveal himself to me too for me to give my life to Christ and that he should not even try to convert me because I believed in my religion, Islam too and he said, ’’I was worried about you still being a Muslim but God told me not to worry that you will convert in his own time’’  he therefore never bothered me or preach to me, he probably didn’t even know how to, back then.


So whenever he visited us (The Children and I in England), he would go to church with the children and the children will come back happy from church.


Whenever he goes back to Nigeria, There’s this woman from the church (Who is now a close friend and sister of mine), Sister Rosalia Oboh, who asked if she could pick the children for church services in their Dads absence and I agreed because the children were always excited to go to church.


Sister Rosalia would come to pick the children twice a week for church services, Winter, Summer, Autumn, Spring…In rain and sunshine, she will show up to pick them up and drop them off afterwards. Her character was flawless and I believe this woman and my children were the instruments God utilized in opening my heart.


One day I was talking to a Christian friend of mine who was happy to have heard of my husband’s conversion and advised that I also ask God every night to open my heart and reveal himself to me and so every night before I go to sleep…I would say this prayer from my heart:


‘’Almighty God, You know how much I love you and wish to be closer to you. Open my heart to the best way you want me to worship you, I want to worship you in a way that is most suitable to you, the way that pleases you the most. So open my heart and reveal yourself to me God’’.


Weeks after I started saying the above prayers, I began to be more open to attending church activities and events…not the Sunday service but any special program that I am invited to and then suddenly I began longing to know more about how to convert.


Literally, I was looking for anyone to say come and give your life to Christ. I was a ripe fruit waiting to be plucked! Like I was hungry to give my life to Christ and I had to ask Sister Rosalia, How does one give her life to Christ?, then she invited me to CRM annual convention in London.


And indeed The Lord did it in his own time…I gave my life to Christ on the 25th of August 2016 during the CRM (Christian Renewal Ministry) annual convention in London and honestly, it was like I was blind before but could now see.


Now…this is what I love most about Our Lord…He will never force himself on anyone, you must be willing and long to have him in your life then, he will show up!


Yours truly,



Wendy (Iyabo Kafayat Mohammed)

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